My musical journey began in the small town of Kuztown, Pennsylvania when I was 8 years old. Although I had been singing since I was quite young, my piano lessons with my first teacher are what sparked my interest in music. After playing for six years, I started taking voice lessons when I was 14 and was well on my way to immersing myself into all kinds of musical acitivities from high school music ensembles, to performing in church, to giving private lessons, to writing and performing my own music.


     I graduated from Lebanon Valley College on May 9, 2015 with a B.S. in Music Education and B.A. in Music with a concentration in voice. I am currently the Director of Choral Music at Brandywine Heights High School in Berks County, PA. My life goal is to help people, specifically children and young adults, to understand the role music plays in their lives and how it can influence them. As a music educator I hope to inspire my students to become better musicians and learners.


     I first started writing music during my freshman year of high school. Being able to convey emotions and experiences in the form of music is a very exciting thing and allows me to express myself in a specific way. I love listening to piano pop/rock music, especially Billy Joel, Elton John, Jon McLaughlin, and Ben Rector. I am fascinated with their styles of music, each having their own unique and diverse qualities while all featuring the piano in rock and pop genres. Some of my other favorite musicians and bands include The City Harmonic, David Gray, and Coldplay.


     I have been very blessed with a passion for music, a phenomenal education, and most of all an incredibly loving family who has supported me throughout my entire life. Music is one of the most powerful things on earth, so I encourage everyone to explore how it affects you. What role does music play in your life? How do you use music as a form of expression? How can music have a positive impact on you? Remember, music speaks where words cannot, so let the music speak!

Photo taken by Hannah Sanders

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